dnn cms

One of my passions in technology is the terrific DNN CMS (formally DotNetNuke).  I've used this Content Management System for many years and hope to share some of my latest snippets of how I use it for my clients.

DNNCMS Stable, Reliable, Upgradeable

DNNCMS Stable, Reliable, Upgradeable

It's true, we built awesome new sites using DNN and we've been known to fix the sad, broken, underperforming ones too.

My work is consumed these days with fixing up broken sites, most of them are DNN ones, and the work consists of advising clients on how to get the most out of their DNN website when it's been built sadly and badly.

It doesn't matter the technology.  I'm convinced whether it's WordPress, DNN, Drupal or other systems that allow users to self manage the content, it can be a complete disaster if you don't know what your'e doing or why you're doing it.