GETTY Images allows free use of images

GETTY Images allows free use of images

Great to see - originally there was an error but it's been fixed now and so you can see how images can be used from Getty Images to enhance your website. Great idea!!




Here's how it looks on the Getty website - ideal for non commercial bloggers and website owners.


http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page - over 20 million free images.
http://pixabay.com/ - some breathtaking quality images which are taken by those who really know how to use a camera
http://www.phototeria.com/ - this site has a range of animals, architecutre, food and plants, and has some great wallpapers in HD.  These are all public domain photos and stunning quality.

Having used many stock images sites over the years, I'm going to have a look in a little more detail on waht these sites are like and give them my personal rating, given that there are plenty of sites around but many of them are being snapped up by bigger stock photography companies and incorporated into their offerings.

Anyway this was a bit of news I saw on the weekend and thought that it was something worth sharing given that Getty is the known as the largest stock images site in the world, with some ferocious lawyers, and this move to allow users to embed their photos on their websites for free is going to to be a game changer in the future for photographers wanting to sell their stock.

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